HCM72-2X9 Monocrystalline Solar Panel


Product Information

9BB product. Class A product with uniform colouring. Monocrystalline, half cell, high efficiency PV module with 12 year material and technology warranty and 25 year linear power output warranty. TUV certification meeting IEC standards. Up to 20.42% efficiency. IP68 protection for diodes. QC4 or MC4 connectors. 4.0mm2 cable connection. 5400Pa snow load. Operating temperature of -40 degrees celcius to +85 degress celcius. Anti-PID and antireflective glass. Lower temperature coefficient and more.

Product Datasheet
330W Solar Module   325W-345W datasheet
390W Solar Module   395W-400W datasheet
400W Solar Module   395W-400W datasheet
410W Solar Module   Catalogue

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330W, 390W, 400W, 410W


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