Our Products

It is expected that our solar products and solutions will offer customers financial freedom, immense savings, environmental gratification, and a sense of achievement over the entire product life cycle. After conducting our homework, we believe the 6Ps will determine our competitiveness in the marketplace. Currently, the South African market is competitive without dominant players.

PV panels

A range of high yield cells of sizes between 330W and 480W standard, half-cell polycrystalline and monocrystalline 9BB panels. These have standard warranty of 12 years and energy yield guarantee of at least 80% by year 25. The products have met the highest standards under standard testing conditions (STC) .

Solar Power Kits

Solar power kits range from off-grid, hybrid systems, on-grid systems only, grid- tied with battery back-up. These kits will range from 1kw, 3KW, 5Kw, 10Kw to 50kW in the first phase of the company’s existence. The products will be delivered in line with customer’s requests and/or energy demand specifications.

Solar batteries

Solar batteries will range from 12v, 24v to 48v. Battery power will range from 100aH, 150aH, 200aH, 250aH, 300aH and 400aH. These batteries will offer optimum performance in a fully designed PV system implementation. Batteries will carry standard warranty. Performance is based on the charging conditions and depth of discharge.

Solar Inverters

Suncell will sell only single and multi MPPT pure sine wave inverters. These will range from off-grid, hybrid, on-grid, grid-tied, single and three phase. Inverters on sale will have a design life of at least 15 years. Optimum performance to be dependent on charge, discharge and battery configuration.

Solar accessories

A number of accessories are on offer including PV and battery cables, MC4 connectors, combiner boxes, fuses, circuit breakers, trunking conduits and covers, roof mounting kits, battery and system monitoring among others. We will offer innovative solar accessories to make the installation and energy use and management smooth for the user.